Colored or B&W?

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while — Nagareboshi is a manga, and normally mangas are published black and white. Should I publish Nagareboshi as a B&W manga to retain its original feel, or should I leave it as it is — i.e. colored?

I did a sample of a manga page and this is how it turned out:

!!promoclrfull version here

And here’s the black and white one. I thank Photoshop’s adjustment layer. It’s the next best thing since the blur tool. Okay, just kidding.

!!promofull version here

So which one is better? I’m still undecided! My original plan is, every new chapter, the first few pages will be colored and the rest will be black and white. But it’s still not yet final. Anyway, this page is just a “promo” pic for Nagareboshi. It is not included in the storyline, nor will it happen. It’s just for fun, and no, Ayu is not that vain.

I’m making the character profiles right now and will be working on the set. Please tell me what you think about the colored and black and white page. I hope Sachi will like it.



Nagareboshi teaser pic!

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Hello there again! As I said before, HappyMilk studio is collaborating with Sachi of KawaiiRoom in creating a MangaSim version of her original fiction, Nagareboshi.

Yesterday I looked at her graphics she did herself. It is good! She used Japanese actors and actresses to “represent” her characters. The layout looks good and it has that “DVD cover” feel to it.

Anyway, so today I decided to recreate this Nagareboshi poster Sachi did:Nagareboshi

And made it to this: (voila!)

NagareboSimsIt’s Mika, Jun and Ryuuji~~ Ahehe, yep, I already created some of the characters last night. I’m really sorry if it doesn’t look that good. I just took these screenshots at the Create-a-Sim page, so sorry for the dull expressions.

The sets are not yet created, so it might take a while. Well, I’ll leave it here~~



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Somehow, you have managed to find this blog~Congratulations!

This is milkchan3 (or you can call me Miruku/Milkchan) of HappyMilk Studio. So what exactly is HMS?

Well this explanation is actually for a “About” page, but I still haven’t set it up yet. Gomen ne~ Well, simply put, HMS is a design studio focusing on cute banners and avatars.

I am the founder of HMS, and as of today I am doing a collaboration with KawaiiSachi/sachi (owner of KawaiiRoom) to make a manga from her original storyline Nagareboshi. The “manga-nizing” will be done, not through traditional methods, but by using The Sims 2. Yep, you’ve read it right, a manga using The Sims 2 as graphics.

And hopefully, I also want to share my Sims characters here that I personally made — like SunYe of Wondergirls, and JiYong/GDragon.And perhaps a self-sim?

Don’t worry, I don’t bite, so please stay tuned with updates on HMS and my current manga project, Nagareboshi.